A mildly spiced made with zucchini and olive oil
A hot spread with green peppers, onions, tomato and chili pepper
Chopped, fried aubergine, in a sauce with tomato, paprika and green peppers
A Mediterranean classic, mashed chickpeas with tahini and garlic
Thick, creamy yoghurt spread, flavoured with garlic and fresh mint
Mushrooms sauteed with garlic, parsley bread-crumbs and olive-oil
Chickpea fritters served with yoghurt or tahini lemon sauce
Rolled wine leaves filled with rice, cooked in olive oil
Eggplant cooked in olive oil with onions garlic and tomatoes
Deep-fried, flute-like pastry, stuffed with cheese
Fried calamari platter, served with fresh vegetables and dip
Fried shrimp
Shrimp, green onions, garlic, tomatoes, rice, fresh sweetpepper.
Lentil salad, with finely chopped cucumber, onion and garlic, seasoned with lemon and olive oil
Soup of the day



Big/Small Natur-el Salad, super fresh, seasoned with our delicious pomegranate vinaigrette
Sauteed chicken salad, served on a bed of lettuce, tomato, ruccula, cucumber and dill, with a special dressing sauce
Goat-cheese salad, on a bed of lettuce, ruccula, apple, walnuts and fresh mint, seasoned with creamy cheese sauce
Basil, fresh tomato and sundried tomato, cheese salad

Pastas and Pastries

Hand-rolled stuffed pasta, filled with meat and served with garlic yoghurt sauce
Home-made mantı filled with cheese, served with tomato sauce
Spinach-filled mantı, served with melted butter and cheese
Deep fried pies, stuffed with ground meat or cheese
Paçanga Pastry
Pot pie
Spaghetti with mushroom
Spaghetti napolitaine
Spaghetti bolognaise


Hand-rolled stuffed pasta, filled with goat cheese, walnut and basil, served with your choice of sauce (Vegetarians choice)
Hand-rolled stuffed pasta, filled with sauted lamb and mushroom, served with your choice of sauce

Soslar / Sauces

Tomato and Cream
Primavera sauce – sauted vegetable in olive oil
Creamy mushroom and onion sauce, with a touch of white wine

Main Courses

Wine leaves filled with ground meat, served with rice and garlic yoghurt sauce
Spiced lamb cubes on smoked aubergine and cheese puree served with rice
Grilled ground meat patties seasoned with mild spices and served rice or chips and salad
Skewered grilled lamb, served with your choice of rice or chips and salad
Grilled lamb-chops, served with your choice of rice or chips, plus salad
Tomato lamb curry, served with rice / Lamm mit curry und tomaten, serviert mit reis
Stewed leg of lamb, with vegetable in season
Filet-steak served in our house sauce, with your choice of rice or chips, plus salad
Steak with mushrooms
Peppered steak
Breaded slice of aubergine covered, cheese and tomato sauce, served with chips, plus salad
Breaded beef covered in beef ham, cheese and tomato sauce, served with chips, plus salad
Breaded chicken-breast covered in beef ham, cheese and tomato sauce, served with chips, plus salad
Sauted chicken in a tangy sauce with pomegranate and walnuts, served over rice
Chicken sauted in soy sauce, served with your choice of chips or rice, plus salad
Chicken baked with almonds, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables
Chicken with mushrooms
Chicken shish
Spicy chicken
Chicken stew
Lamb stew
Shrimp stew
Seafood stew


Leer Fish
Seabream Fish
Seabass Fish


Deep-fried, rolled angel hair pastry stuffed with walnuts and served with syrup + ice cream
Our silky, creamy vanilla pudding, made with the freshest milk from the villages around Kas
A fresh, light dessert perfect for summer days : yoghurt with fresh fruit and honey,
A traditional pudding made with fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and beans
Aşure, traditional pudding from Noah’s Ark Legend has it when Noah’s Ark was grounded on a high mountain in
Eastern Turkey (Mountain Ararat in Christian tradition and Mountain Cudi to the South in Islamic tradition),
as the flod water receded, those aboard thanked God for their deliverance. Just a little remained in the bottom of the sacks
of the supplies that had kept them alive. They decided to cook them up all together : haricot beans, broadbeans, grapes, apricots,
figs, walnuts, cinnamon, orange peel, chickpeas, wheat, sugar and dried fruits. Tipping it all into a cauldron that held the
holy water of life which God had sent them from heaven, they boiled it up into a hot, sweet soup. This last meal on the Ark
was not only the most delicious, but also one which all the creatures could share. As they clambered down from the high mountain
summit they promised one another to cook the same meal year after year in memory of the deluge and in thanksgiving to
God for the bounties of the earth. And so the tradition has been handed down from generation to generation in Anatolia,
among Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Fresh orange Juice
Yoghurt diluted with water, lightly salted
Coca-Cola, Diet-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ice Tea
Sparkling mineral water (Large/Small)
Apple-juice & Soda
Cherry-juice & Soda
Mineral still water (Large/Small
Black tea, sage tea, apple tea
Turkish Coffee
Nescaf é

Alcoholic Drinks

Efes Pilsen Beer (Large)
Miller, Efes Light, Efes Dark
Yeni Rakı
Tekirdag Rakı
Wine glass
Baccardi Rum
Martini Dry

Wine List

Red Wine

White Wines

Rose Wines